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Likely, any person can remember the moments in the life when he had "a revaluation of values" and old, long ago the known facts and concepts gained suddenly absolutely new value, moving to the forefront on the importance, or on the contrary, losing the importance. It just that case when the name of the phenomenon – "revaluation of values" as is impossible more precisely reflects its essence – there is a reorganization of model in a brain and, respectively, the mechanism of selection of already available information changes – the person starts seeing the old phenomena in a new way.

From here the thinking is relative (as works within model), but in itself is not dialectic (a framework of model is not realized), the dialektichnost is only formal and logical "prop" of consciousness.

Certainly, told is not for anybody revelation; during all twist stories the mankind tried to find "philosophical kamen1" – that is that thread, having pulled for which, it is possible to untangle all ball – to understand essence of life.

Synthesis of new methods happens on already mentioned "heuristic" model of search of a suitable method (or modifications available) for processing of new information. In it the objects which are at average steps of hierarchy and this process practically participate in the basic is not realized (intuition). The emotional subsystem is substantially involved in it also.