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Congestion of a network, need for increased requirements to productivity of servers and ability of communication channels because of the growing volume of transmitted data and need of their updating (this problem is sometimes solved by use of the allocated pass-band within Internet channels of general purpose).

Existence of means of restoration at failures. Means in BS for the forecast, fixing and localization of various emergency situations and equipment failures (such as have to be provided: damages and overloads of communication channels; overloads of devices of external memory; violations of integrity of a DB; attempts of access to system, etc.)

Existence of additional functionality, in the most modern BS is realized the automated input of a financial on the basis of methods of optical recognition of images.

Growth of number of clients demands a constant of quantity and quality of communication lines. It is considered that for providing satisfactory time of connection load of one telephone line should not exceed 30 subscribers. The provider can provide exactly so many communication lines, how many it is necessary at present.

Use of World Wide Web for publication of advertizing and other information becomes the first stage of work in Internet for any financial organization usually. about 300 financial apply WWW as an advertizing medium.

The Internet network develops exponential. Perhaps, the Network received the most powerful push to development with emergence and a of the World Wide web (World Wide Web, WWW) which turned Internet into a uniform cyberspace. The network began to turn into public system of mass service.

This system carries out accumulation and the subsequent sending messages. When sending the message are transferred to the specialized powerful computer centers for the high-speed allocated channels, and then get to addressees.

Specialized the multiprocessor failure-safe (SFT, System fault-tolerant) systems, for example, firms Tandem, Suquent, etc. (about 10% of systems). For SFT computers it is accepted to include OLTP in OS (for example, for NonStop computers of Tandem firm).

Nevertheless there is a number of factors, wide use of Internet as the environment of distribution of financial information. Let's list the problems arising when using Internet, and we will provide their possible decisions: