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By the end of the XVII century Europeans still did not precisely know, whether New Holland, the earth Wang Dimenga and New Zealand are connected among themselves, or they are divided and make separate parts of the huge Antarctic continent.

Low coast of the Far tropical North are covered with the impassable mangrove woods, in particular near the Gulf Gulf of Carpentaria. Among the damp jungle and the woods plains on which herds of rams are grazed meet everywhere. On these spacious pastures dead giants eucalyptuses tower. Eucalyptuses were lost because lands turned into pastures, but these dried-up trees and left on a place not to spend force and funds for their cutting down and transportation.

At that time British were afraid of attacks of French who rushed on searches of new colonies on the western coast. Seeking to be ahead of them, British increased number of search expeditions to found new corrective labor colonies.

The earth of Australia the most ancient and droughty on our planet. Relief of this country the most flat. It is impossible to understand how it occurred, but the island continent avoided consequences of formation of mountain folds which seven million years formed mountainous terrains of other continents.