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At the umbrella the so-called nadpestichny disk at an of columns is formed, on a zavyaza top, functioning as a. Nektarniki at the umbrella lie absolutely openly, and flowers of representatives of this family are visited by exclusively pollinators, mainly flies and bugs (kozheeda, flower men with a big mustache, etc.). With it, absence at similar flowers of a pleasant smell is obvious, connected. Nektarniki, formed by parts, meet and in other families; at some monocotyledonous, for example lileyny and amarillisovy, nectar in the partitions dividing zavyaza nests.

apokhlamidny. Okolotsvetnika is not present, flowers naked (an ash-tree, willows. Now most of scientists believe that in cases loss of an okolotsvetnik took place; before ­ the opposite point of view and family with apokhlamidny and gaplokhlamidny flowers placed at the beginning of system of the.

gomokhlamidny. Okolotsvetnik simple, i.e. leaflets its approximately identical, is more often spiralno located, in quite large number, chashechkovidny or corollaceous (a magnolia, a, a lily); it is characteristic for more primitive families ;

Formation of shporets. In connection with specialized pollination there are also numerous cases of formation of shporets in families lyutikovy, poppy, fialkovy, balzaminovy, orkhidny, etc. Shporets represents usually hollow body and arises from a petal or a of a simple okolotsvetnik. At early stages of development there is a meshkovidny protrusion, further the extended. this first stage is fixed at a lion's pharynx whereas closely related toadflaxes have already real shporets. Emergence of shportsevy educations as already, costs in close connection with release of nectar. The last ­ a wall of the shporets or being in shporets nectar-nichkami.

From stated clearly, a variety of nektarnik at plants is however great. It is undoubted that them the enormous in evolution, mainly in connection with adaptations to a nase-komoopyleniye had education. At anemogamous plants nektarnik, as a rule, are absent.

The party of a flower turned to the covering leaf, call forward, lower or abaxial; opposite, turned to an axis of a — back, top or adaksialny. The plane passing through an inflorescence axis, the middle of a flower and the covering leaf designate (M); the plane passing through preleaves and the middle of a flower perpendicular previous, designate cross or transversal

It is indicative that when fruits possess adaptations to distribution, a cup tube short, and teeth are unbent in the parties ( and a flypaper from the burachnikovy; at representatives of the same family with smooth nutlets a tube longer).

In general, however, charts give much fuller about a flower, than formulas. They are formed on cross of buds as when blooming a flower some parts can fall down (for example, chashelistik at poppy, an okolotsvetnik at ­. Drawing up charts — creative and often very process. Charts of the German scientific XIX century of Eykhler are especially known.

Arrangement of parts of a flower. At the majority of plants of part of a flower form well noticeable verticils, or circles (cycles). Very 5-or 4-circular, differently pentatsiklichesky, and tetracyclic flowers. Pentatsiklichesky flowers are characteristic for lileyny, amarillisovy, gvozdichny, geranaceous, rutovy; the tetracyclic — for iris, orkhidny, krushinny, bereskletovy, norichnikovy, gubotsvetny, etc. Less often flowers meet six-circular, or hexacyclic. The quantity of parts of a flower in each circle can be various. At the monocotyledonous most often tripartite, at two-submultiple — five-membered, is more rare two-or (krestotsvetny, makova flowers.

Nectar contains various sugar and in minute quantities other organic and inorganic compounds. It is possible to judge amount of nectar on the following figures: to collect 1 g of a, the bee has to visit 1500 flowers of a white acacia; 1 kg of honey approximately from 6000000 flowers of a clover.