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The animals got during the first period of a nerpovka on continuous ice were caught by networks, the animals got in the second mode of trade — on the breaking-up ices — were traded in Yutstrel's method. The third mode of trade — setny.

Survey of an internal – spleens (if necessary, a liver with a portal lymph node, kidneys, lungs with sredostenny lymph nodes and heart. Pay attention to appearance, color and size of body, a consistence, a krovenapolneniye, a condition of a capsule of a parenchyma of body on a section.

Veterinary and sanitary expertize of meat after removal of a skin is carried out the same, as pets: cervical knots examine after office of the head, then sredostenny lymph nodes, a trachea and, a serous cover of an abdominal cavity, a liver and a diaphragm, a spleen and a stomach, bryzheechny knots, fillet cuttings of meat. Lymph nodes at healthy animals have an elastic, on a section brilliant, a surface; a section, brilliant, light pink or gray color with pronounced borders between cortical and layers.

Our researches showed that meat of the Baikal seal of dark red color, elastic. consistences, muscles are developed well (bigger development was gained by muscles of a breast and extremities). Meat of kumtukan and fingerlings has gentle granularity, layers of fat and a connecting tkanineznachitelna. Meat smell pleasant, specific. Adult animals have a coarse-fibered meat, meat of females has a pleasant specific smell, and meat of males – sharply expressed unpleasant smell.

When using hulks and bodies of the Baikal seal on the food purposes. Hulks are exposed to veterinary and sanitary examination by the veterinarians serving trade or veterinarians of the extracting economy.

The specifics of trade of the Baikal seal and difficulty arising in the course of preprocessing of an animal, storage and transportation of production during trade carry out to need of definition of degree of high quality and freshness of products of trade.

Lungs are well developed, gray-pink color, a soft consistence, the linear sizes of one easy 26,5+0,4 cm, length of 213,48+0,28 cm width. Sredostenny lymph nodes are located on the trachea course separate tyazha.