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Metal designs represent the construction designs applied, as bearing in frameworks of buildings and other engineering constructions (steel metal structures), in wide-span coverings, coverings of wall and roofing panels (aluminum metal designs).

Development of the business plan is necessary from many points of view. The plan impresses favourably all who deals with founders of the enterprise, - the people working together with organizers, investors, lawyers, alleged shareholders, etc. The business plan promotes prevention of mistakes, acceleration of formation of firm, increase in its income. As a rule the business plan includes the following sections: summary, goods (services, sales market, competition, marketing strategy, plan of production, organizational plan, etc.

Impermeability. Metals possess not only the considerable durability, but also high density - impermeability for gases and liquids. Density of metal and its connections which are carried out by means of welding is a necessary condition, for production and construction of sheet designs.

Industrial buildings. Designs are carried out in the form of the all-metal or mixed frameworks. (Are applied in buildings with big flights, heights and equipped with bridge cranes of big loading capacity.).

Reliability of metal designs is provided with similarity of their valid work (distribution of tension and deformations) to settlement assumptions. Material of metal designs (steel, aluminum alloys) possess big uniformity of structure and rather close corresponds to settlement prerequisites about elastic or elasto-plastic work of material.

The market of the city of Frolovo and the cities and districts which are close located to it in which there are no the firms which are engaged in production of similar goods will be a segment of the market for the goods made by Amrita firm from the geographical point of view.

Technological effectiveness. Designs are projected taking into account requirements of manufacturing techniques and installation with orientation to the most modern and productive processing methods providing the maximum decrease in labor input.

Wide-span coverings of buildings. Frame, frame, arch, trailing, combined, and both flat, and spatial systems. Impose high estetitechsky requirements to these designs.

The goods offered by us are goods of industrial function. We have strictly certain buyers. It, first of all, civil engineering firms (state or chastna and, absolutely small segment of buyers who build houses to themselves. Therefore, first of all, we will focus the advertizing company on civil engineering firms.

Industrialnost. Metal designs in the main weight are produced at the plants equipped with the modern equipment that provides high degree of an industrialnost of their production. Installation of metal designs also very as it is made by the specialized organizations by means of high-performance equipment.