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For the enterprises the foreign market first of all appears in the form of three "defensive lines" which it has to estimate according to the nature of the activity in this market: customs barriers, legal obstacles, regulatory obstacles. Briefly we will characterize each of the listed types.

It is also extremely important to consider a variety of a sociocultural konteks of consumer and consumer habits any fundamental quality of goods, indifferent for buyers of one country, in another it can appear even a brake. There is neither universal product, nor the universal consumer.

what "pluses" or what "minuses" in comparison with products of the considered enterprise have objectively products of competitor companies, what brands of competitor company and its production (gravity, solidity, reliability, high technical rates, finishing, ;

The enterprise has to be constantly occupied with search of opportunities of creation of the new goods more stoutly satisfying needs of buyers. It has to be ready to systematic entering into goods of improvements according to interests of buyers.

The developed countries integrated marketing into the external economic relations and coordinated it to a circulation and a turn of the capital, to management. By drawing up business plans market researches of this market and demand on it preceded an exit of corporations with export of production. Some states did not even allow the firms to carry out export operations without preliminary market research as it brought damage.

Definition of perspective need for production making a profile of work of the enterprise by research of the general tendencies of development of the industry of the country and its primary branches, factors scientifically - technical progress and prospects of its change.

Distinguish two levels of market capacity: potential and real. The valid market capacity is the first level. Potential level is defined by personal and public needs and reflects the volume of realization of goods adequate to them.

characteristics of goods. From here really determination of productivity at the level of the country as extents of effective use of the available resources and achievement at the same time of the greatest possible quality of production follows.

Consumers, relying on own actions and public opinion, have to support only those enterprises which expressly show care of satisfaction of normal healthy requirements of carriers of payment demand.

Availability of the market. As potentially capacious market should be considered only in that measure into what the foreign enterprise can get on it without excessive expenses of means and time. For the enterprise the foreign market first of all appears in the form of three "oboronotelny lines" which it has to estimate according to the nature of the future activity in this market.

The enterprise has to create and introduce in practice such programs socially - economic development which not only serve interests of the enterprise and its labor collective, but are useful and to social development of the region in which this enterprise functions.

Both the big, and small enterprise has to consider existence of the competition which makes itself felt at any miss because it is connected with aspiration to increase the share of the market, to start new goods, etc. Therefore it is necessary to make the list of all those elements which knowledge could promote reflection of blow and, even moreover, to anticipate this blow:

Sale of some types of production of industrial function puts a problem of transfer to the consumer of technological knowledge. This operation unnecessary in the developed countries, is obligatory and difficult in the countries developing.

Marketing is a set of actions for creation, production, realization and operation of production according to public needs for it. The main functions of marketing services at the enterprise include:

what their capacities, ability to diversification in case of need, whether competitors export the production, where, chtoimenno, in what quantity, at what price and on what conditions;