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A number of negative tendencies was outlined in development of a metallurgical complex - the developed economic communications collapsed, receipt of raw materials was reduced, recycling and passing extraction of useful components are insufficient, technical rearmament and reconstruction of the enterprises is slowly conducted, negative influence on environment that conducts to increase of pollution of air, water basins, land resources, destruction of a vegetable cover amplifies.

Overcoming of crisis in LPK and further development of timber processing complex is connected with introduction of the market relations, carrying out a complex of actions for forest management, radical modernization of branch and to introduction of new technological processes, increase of complexity of use and reproduction of forest resources, acceleration of development of branches of deep processing of raw materials, including waste.

The problem of further development of the coal industry is connected with acceleration of construction of new mines and improvement of a technological level of production. Development of new technologies and equipment of the enterprises high-performance equipment and on this basis work mechanization have to become the main direction of increase of production efficiency and increase in volumes of coal mining.

In general the mineral resources of the region are characterized by high degree of geological and geographical study of the territory, the compact placement of the major types of mineral raw materials giving the chance of diversified specialization, long-term security with explored reserves of the operating and designed enterprises.

The leading branches, the industries defining its market specialization are branches of timber industry, metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, and also fuel and energy and fish processing complexes.

Thus, the given expenses at branch distribution of 41259 rub/m3, and at share distribution - 31371 rub/m3, i.e. at share distribution the ready-made product becomes 9887,9 rub/m3 cheaper or by 1,3 times.

The economic region is provided with all types of mineral construction materials. In all areas fields of limestones, dolomite, brick and tile and ceramsite clays, - granite-sand materials and sand, facing and construction stones and other construction materials are reconnoitered.

With transition to new conditions of managing of a problem of employment of the population will become complicated. It is explained by reduction of input of new workplaces, territorial discrepancy between existence of workplaces and free manpower, insufficient level of qualification preparation of a manpower.

For prevention of increase of negative processes in environment are necessary reconstruction outdated and construction of new treatment facilities, the accelerated strengthening of reverse water supply and a reuse of sewage. Development and introduction of ecologically harmless ways of power production, equipment and technology of heat supply, and also development and deployment of progressive technologies of searches, production and complex processing of primary raw materials, fuller use of secondary resources, industrial wastes have independent value.

To calculate the made expenses by production of timber at branch and share allocation of costs if it is known that prime cost rolls of the wood makes 900 rub /.. , production of timber of 24,000 rub /.. , specific capital investments respectively 2,300 rub /.. , 8,000 rub /.. and 42,000 rub /.. To consider that on each production link there are deviations which at a roll of the wood make 8%, by production of semi-finished products (a switch of 12%, by production of timber - 18%