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Group round the trip of several people along an route, the program, terms and a set of services is considered. There are no rigid norms of quantitative structure of participants of group round. The minimum norm usually is considered 10 people. However for stimulation of sale of the rounds quite often on conditions of group rounds for 5 — 6 people. That the maximum number of participants of group rounds, there are no restrictions. As a rule, the number of participants of group with demand is defined by opportunities of the reserved means of placement, a, food.

Certain specifics in creation of a tourist's product are brought by seasonal distribution of trips of foreign tourists. In practice it looks so: excessive demand for tourist travel to a heat of a tourist season and its sharp recession during the nonseasonal period.

Economic advantage of rounds on rest consists that duration of stay of tourists in vacation spots exceeds duration of trips by many other types of tourism. Besides, foreign tourists during an get many additional services.

The main condition of expansion of trips of foreign tourists on rest are existence corresponding natural ­ conditions (the sea, the sun, mountains), the good ecological and the developed infrastructure which would provide comfortable conditions and interesting leisure, especially in the evening.

The main tourist's product in practical activities of tourist firms is round, that is a trip (travel along a ring route ( on the basis of complex service. In the international tourist terminology the tourist trips sold on the basis of standard sets or packages of services are called as inklyuziv-rounds or pekidzh-rounds. Their organization and sale are the main direction of activity of numerous receptive travel agencies.

Unfortunately, despite great demand for trips for sport, especially among youth, this type of tourism because of insufficient amount of sports bases and their state developed at us slowly till this moment.

As a result of sharp recession of number of tourist travel to the nonseasonal period of travel agency and the enterprise of the tourist's industry lose considerable part of the clients and work with the minimum utilization of capacity that conducts to sharp decrease in their profitability.

It is possible to carry the organization for foreign tourists of special seminars for history, an, geology, paleontology, archeology with participation in them of experts of our country to the same type of tourism.

limited range, poor quality and of additional services, especially souvenir. Tourists not absolutely accept those souvenir consumer goods which often fills booths in hotels; they would like to get expensive and valuable presents: fur products, domestic products highly artistic an, pictures of artists, products from precious metals and stones, etc.;

when planning passenger traffic along a route it is necessary also to try to leave as much as possible light time for the organization of excursions or free activity of tourists, having used for this purpose, for example, night hours for transportation by train, and morning or evening – for transportation by plane or bus.